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Celebrating Twinkie Clark Weekend with a Special Tribute Album and Exclusive Interview

Join us as we celebrate the musical powerhouse that is Twinkie Clark in the proclaimed "Twinkie Clark Weekend." An event dedicated to honoring the Grammy Award-winning legend for her unparalleled contributions to the gospel music industry.

Donald Lawrence heralds this occasion with the release of the monumental project, “Donald Lawrence Presents Power: A Tribute to Twinkie Clark.” This 47-minute tribute album unites a roster of acclaimed artists to honor Twinkie, known fondly as the "Mother of Contemporary Gospel Music" and the “Queen of the B3 Hammond Organ.”

To mark this special weekend, I, Larry W. Robinson, am thrilled to redistribute my exclusive interview with the iconic Twinkie Clark. Dive deep into the life and legacy of this gospel legend through our heartwarming conversation available here: Watch the Interview.

Explore the tribute album’s rich tapestry of songs that resonate with Twinkie Clark’s spirit and immerse yourself in the harmonic journey that she championed throughout her illustrious career.

Don't miss this celebration of a living legend. All weekend long, honor Twinkie Clark’s legacy with us. Check out the tribute album here. Let’s celebrate the gift that is Twinkie Clark!


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