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Larry W. Robinson

Award Winning Syndicated Media Personality

About Gospel Updates Media:

At Gospel Updates Media, we are a dynamic and innovative multimedia platform dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the spirit of gospel music, culture, and faith. With a firm foundation in the industry and a commitment to excellence, Gospel Updates Media has been a prominent figure in the world of gospel media since our founding in 1996.

Our Full Spectrum of Services:

We take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of services, including:

Gospel Updates Magazine: Our flagship publication, Gospel Updates Magazine, is a vibrant and captivating source of inspiration, spotlighting the most influential artists, ministries, and events in the gospel music realm. Through in-depth interviews, exclusive features, and captivating articles, we bring our readers closer to the heart of gospel music.

Gospel Updates Podcast: Our engaging and enlightening podcast brings the joy of gospel music and powerful messages of faith right into the ears of our global audience. Featuring interviews with gospel music artists, industry experts, and spiritual leaders, the Gospel Updates Podcast is an uplifting auditory experience.

Gospel Updates Newsletter: Stay connected and informed with our Gospel Updates Newsletter, a regular digest of the latest news, events, and exclusive content from the gospel music world. Delivered directly to your inbox, our newsletter ensures you never miss a beat.

LIVE Events: We believe in the power of unity and celebration, which is why we host exciting LIVE events that bring together gospel music enthusiasts, artists, and communities. From soul-stirring concerts to thought-provoking panel discussions, our events foster an environment of inspiration and growth.

Our Remarkable Track Record:
Over the years, Gospel Updates Media has had the honor of collaborating with esteemed artists, ministries, and brands in the gospel industry, including Earnest Pugh, VaShawn Mitchell, Tyscot Records, Dr. Teresa Hairston, Vickie Winans, CeCe Winans, and many more.

Our Core Values:
At the core of Gospel Updates Media lies a set of unwavering values that guide our every endeavor:

Faith-Centered Approach: We believe in the transformative power of gospel music and spirituality, and everything we do is rooted in faith and the uplifting message of the Gospel.

Excellence and Innovation: Gospel Updates Media is committed to delivering top-notch content and experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technology and creativity to keep our audience engaged.

Community and Inclusivity: We celebrate the diversity within the gospel community and strive to create an inclusive platform that welcomes and embraces all voices.

Impact and Purpose: Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of our audience, artists, and communities, using our platform to spread hope, joy, and encouragement.

Founded by Larry W. Robinson with a vision to bring gospel music to the forefront of media and culture, Gospel Updates Media continues to be driven by passion and dedication to our clients' success. Our purpose is to create opportunities that promote exposure, credibility, and long-term growth within the gospel industry.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we continue to elevate gospel music and spread the light of faith to every corner of the world. Together, let's amplify the voices that uplift and the messages that inspire.

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Larry W. Robinson, a veteran broadcaster with more than 28 years of experience in the field, hosts an international syndicated radio program called The Larry W. Robinson Show. Robinson is also the publisher of Gospel Updates, the founder of Gospel Singing on the Spot, and the originator of The Gospel Music Honors awards program.


The Larry W. Robinson Show includes interviews with some of the biggest personalities in gospel music, discussions on current events, and inspirational messages designed to uplift and encourage listeners. Additionally, the program includes a variety of musical performances, including both contemporary and traditional gospel music.


The Larry W. Robinson Show listeners can expect to be entertained, educated, and inspired by Robinson's unique blend of wit, insight, and gospel music enthusiasm. The Larry W. Robinson Show is undoubtedly worth listening to, whether you are a fan of gospel music or are simply seeking a positive and uplifting radio program.


The Larry W. Robinson Show is not only appreciated by its audience, but it has also won a number of honors for its excellence. Larry W. Robinson has received several prestigious awards from institutions across the country, including the Music Love Awards 2018 "Promoter of the Year", Prayze Factor Award for Best Webinar/Online "LIVE" Series, S&M Gospel Indie Music Awards for 2021 Magazine of the Year, 2022 Spin Award for Co-Host of the Best Late/Evening Show of the Year, 2022 S&M Gospel Indie Awards President's Award, 7 Tribe Media & OWR Award 2022 Best Digital Magazine of the Year, and a Special Proclamation from the office of the Mayor of Lake Charles, Louisiana, among many others.


These honors attest to Larry W. Robinson's commitment to and enthusiasm for gospel music and the broadcasting industry. They also reinforce the high caliber of Larry W. Robinson's substance and value. Tune in to this syndicated radio program to see for yourself why it is one of the most well-known and acclaimed programs in its field. Visit to connect with Larry today. 

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