Business Owner, Songwriter and Hip Hop Artist, Kent Osbourne

Prison to Power is how Kent Osbourne is known.  Looking at this beautiful man of God, who would have thought he dropped out of school, went to prison, and is now the owner of three businesses! 

Wow!  When God open doors for you, no man can shut them.  How did Kent do it?  He had determination and a will to succeed.  His will and faith that he would be successful brought him to become the CEO of K. O. Trucking LLC., but Kent didn't stop there; he went on to start  Generation Changes International LLC. and Prison To Power Inc.   What an amazing testimony and inspiration to many, especially the ones who have a similar story.

Right when you thought Kent had reached his peek, he climbed even higher to becoming a motivational speaker.  

"When you understand how to transform your mind into thinking your own thoughts, when you can keep your eye on the prize, any man can walk out of prison into power." (Kent Osbourne)

Amen!  Keeping your eye on the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ is the answer, action and application that has promoted Kent to this high status.  In his climb, he managed to remain humble and is very approachable, which I admire, because too often people climb high and get a nose bleed from sticking their nose above the altitude that God originally gave them.

It is a beautiful thing to see a brother walking out his destiny and reaching back to bring others up with him.  I am reminded of Joseph in the bible.  He was sent to prison and suffered much, but he kept his eyes on God.  He never stopped worshiping and praising his God.  When Joseph was released from prison, God sat him on high!  Kent is on high by the hand of God. Keep your eye on this young man, because there is more to come! 

He keeps his gospel music current with how things in real life are going, which is wisdom, because the youth can relate to what's real.  One thing I have learned with the youth is they know when you are bringing it, and when you are faking it.  Kent is the real deal and that is how he keeps it "REAL"!

Kent's songs have such an anointing on them that you can feel the power of God!  He has won two Blockbuster awards for Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year and Best Video of the Year for "They Don't Believe".  Kent has been on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, OTR TV and in the newspaper, wow!  God has given Kent so much favor for his faithfulness.  His gifts and talents has made room for him and sat him among great people.  I have been encouraged by Kent Osbourne's testimony and success.   

You may buy his music on our New Singers page: open the menu, click 'New Singers' and you will see Kent's CD.  Click on the CD and it will lead you to his page to buy all three of the CD's.  Please support this awesome brother and share his information.  

To learn more about Kent Osbourne, visit his website:



P.O. Box 16343

Lake Charles, LA 70616

T: 337-214-4046 (Call or text.)

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